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Ritz Carlton, Naples wedding

A bride that will venture into the ocean while wearing her wedding dress, sounds like a perfect addition to any Naples wedding photographer! That moment will remain an amazing memory with me forever. The bride and groom, Callie and Drew, chose Naples FL as their wedding destination. They both are from the Midwest, specifically Minnesota. Calli and Drew are both lovers of the sand and ocean so The Ritz-Carlton in Naples Florida was a perfect wedding location for these two love birds.

Their wedding day was ideal. The Ritz-Carleton is a well known wedding location, and for good reason. As a Naples wedding photographer, there is really no other venue that creates such a classic atmosphere and puts on such a professional wedding. A couple will never worry of wedding day disaster when booking the Ritz. The venue was immaculate,  every last detail was both romantic as it was elegant. Everything the Ritz provided including their wedding day flowers, and most of all their wedding day food, was perfect. I thought that the resort really reflected this couple, the place screamed modern, elegant and trendy. I loved using their huge windows and modern decor to help create the best wedding photography.

Some of my most creative wedding photos from the day were captured as Callie was getting ready for the best day of her life. There were so many angles and objects that I used to create some fine art photography that I really loved. I have been putting an emphasis on reflections lately within my wedding photography, so I loved that I had ample opportunity to use my ideas with Callie.

The first look is always a perfect addition to any wedding photos. I loved Callie and Drew’s first look.  The dress, the long veil, the marble floor, the huge windows and most importantly, the absolute love I was able to capture made some amazing creative wedding photography moments.

The wedding on the beach was completely relaxed. I loved how much this group of family and friends could have fun with each other. The beach made such a wonderful backdrop to the destination wedding photography and the reception was beautiful. I loved the light colors Callie and Drew used to decorate everything, including that beautiful cake!

I had a great time photographing this carefree couple in such a beautiful destination location. I came out of this wedding happy and satisfied as a professional photographer. I captured such true love and beauty, and I was able to capture it in such artistic ways. Callie and Drew, I thank you for choosing Miranda Lawson Photography (www.weddingphotographerfl.com) to be a part of your spectacular day.