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Southern Waters, Fort Myers Wedding

How do I accurately describe in words the most fabulous fairytale like wedding I have ever had the pleasure of photographing? What an amazing night I had being the wedding photographer for the beautiful couple, Belinda and Nate. Southern Waters  was such a scenic experience, so many visually appealing features throughout this amazing venue. The venues serene gardens are enhanced with the Daughtreys Creek that runs along the side of the venue, altogether creating some great photographs. This wedding was the epitome of old southern style and it was both memorable and beautiful.


   Belinda and Nate’s wedding pictures turned out amazing and I can truly say that the Sweet Southern Charm had an integral part. The details that were involved in the big day were both truly southern while at the same time eclectic, creating some amazing photography moments for me. To be specific, I loved being able to photograph Belinda’s shoes on so many interesting textures, it is tiny details like these that speak volumes through a photograph.

                Belinda and Nate’s  wedding ceremony is forever going to be in my mind because of the all encompassing trees that we were all under. Wedding photographers from Florida know that a perfectly placed tree can be a perfect touch to the best wedding photos. Being a Fort Myers and Naples wedding photographer I always enjoy when couples use the idyllic landscape to enhance their wedding.  That being said, the photographs that I was able to capture after sunset reminded me of a faraway fairytale. Creative wedding photography is a method to bring true art into everyday wedding photos. The trees, the water and this great couple made perfect wedding photos.

Belinda and Nate are a beautifully spirited couple and I can see that they are bound to have an amazing life together. They were such a pleasure to work with, beautiful on both the inside and out and truly loved by many people. It was such a pleasure to photograph this wedding. I am blessed to be able to be a part of amazing weddings like Belinda and Nate’s. Thank you again for choosing Miranda Lawson Photography!